Matcha Ninja fresh lemonade


Ingredients (4 servings):

6 big fresh lemons – use 5 to extract the juice & 1 in slices for decoration
5-6 spoons of maple syrup (or agave, or honey, or any other natural sweetener)
2 handfuls of fresh basil
1 green apple (optional)
3 cups of water
½ - 1 tsp. Matcha Ninja


  1. Squeeze 5 lemons (and optional: the green apple at the juicer)
  2. Add in a food processor the lemon juice, (the green apple), the maple syrup and the Matcha Ninja and Mix well.
  3. Use a big jug to add ice, the slices of lemon and the handfuls of basil. Poor the matchaninja-lemon mix and enjoy the most refreshing and detox lemonade.